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Jan 10, 2006
Philly 'Burbs, PA
omeletpants said:
When you are an early adopter you always pay more for technology. That's your choise and stop blaming the company

Not everyone complaining here is an "early adopter." There were people who were sold on the 942 by E* as recently as January, right before E* announced the new receivers. So someone who purchased something for $700 in January to be told in February that it needed to be upgraded, I think has enough of a base for a complaint in my book.

I lease an 811, and I can STILL see where some of the people with 942's have room to be upset.
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Apr 9, 2005
The fact that they are calling people and offering direct swaps really chaps my ass. I sent an email to the CEO address only to be called back and told to either seek out other retail channels for a 622 as I could get them much cheaper than from dish or sell my 942 on ebay then lease a 622 from them. I offered to lease the 622 for a flat $99 no rebate, Send in my 942 and upgrade from top180 to platinum and he still told me there was nothing they could do and were sorry to hear I was switching to cable.
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Mar 6, 2006
East Central Indiana
so, let me get this straight.....the outsourced workers can appropriately figure out who doesn't have a 622...but they can't figure out problems with the upgrade charges......or how to do the upgrade?????



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Feb 16, 2004
Do I lease or Own

I just became a customer of Dish. The CSR from Allsat told me my 622 woould be leased, but the $299 payment was a one time payment, and there would be no monthly charges. A superviser at Dish said for $299 I owned the 622. No one really seems to know what the story is including the first Dish CSR who said I could not have the 622 for $299, but would have to pay $499. I asked for something in writing telling me what I had purchased, programming, receivers, etc. Still waiting..install May 10th.
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