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Mar 31, 2004
It seems to me from what I read on here week to week that DISH's satellite capacity seems to be somewhat messy and disorganized. Obviously, E* 10 will clear a lot of that up with the spotbeams and the locals. Will DISH ever convert all its programming to MPEG4 in order to increase capacity on already deployed satellites?

Will national HDTV channels (Espn, Universal, Vooms, etc) ever come from a single ConUs location?


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Sep 7, 2003
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What are they going to do with 105 and 121? Are they going to keep the locals on those satellites or are they going to take them all off once they get the channels up on 110?


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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
They have not announced plans for 105/121/118.7/85 yet. 105 they have about 8 years left on the lease, 121 they own, 118.7/85 they have this satellite leased for 9 more years, it is for 85 but being moved to 118.7 for about a year until a new satellite goes up then probably back to 85.

They could possibly use them for backhauls, special channels (like for businesses), etc.

It is a lot of capacity just sitting there for something, not to mention they have about 6 more slots they are building satellites for....

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