Disk makes 6:00 news for being a deadbeat


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Feb 10, 2004
A local news channel in Wichita Kansas ran one of those consumer protection spots about Dish network not installing a superdish that had been prepaid. Seems the long term dish customer prepaid for the Superdish, but had been put on hold for months for the installation. The spot indicated that new customers were getting superdishes while the existing customer was just out the money. After the news channel contacted Dish, the installation was scheduled in just a couple of days. The lady in the interview indicated that Dish commented that her installation has been elevated, imagine that. Dish would not comment to the news channel. So, if you have trouble with people living up to promises, just call your local news station.

Watching the dismal introduction of the 921, almost a year late to market with more than serious performance issues, issues with 811 and mis-estimating the demand for the superdish, I would conclude that dish has some serious problems managing new product development.

I have been awaiting for the arrival of the 921 since I looked at one at CES in 2003. I will keep watching my 3 year old HDTV with DVDs and my occasionally with trusty 3200 Dish receiver until somebody comes out with a reliable HD PVR. My trust in new Dish equipment has been shattered.
Welcome to the Installers nightmares!!!

There are shortages of SuperDishes, 811's, 921's. You can get an 811 or 921 on a new install only, and usually only when you're getting the HD in a Box. I've got three existing customers mad as hell because they can't get a HD receiver.

You think that news spot was embarrassing? Two days after we got CBS and the Viacom channels back, One of my former co-workers made the news. Seems he's been stealing panties, videos, sex toys, bondage mags, and photos from customers houses while installing.

What the hell could you do with 78 pairs of panties?
This type of stuff needs to make the news. The equiptment shortages at Dish need to cost them enough such that they do something about it. Whoever at that company is determining demand and allocating production needs to be fired.

Sure, if you scream at the right people you can get service, but this should not be necassary.
If the 921 is in Customer homes, and no other service is providing or selling one, then Dish is first.

Of course, you have to be able to get one, afford one, etc. Don't quite understand why they can't ramp up production to make them more readily available, specially if they have a number of backorders at the $1k Price tag.

Eventually it will all be moot. Everyone will have something and you can pick and chose based on features, price, and who knows, color?
GaryPen said:
My comment was not arguing whether or not the 921 was first. Of course it was.
It was in response to the "that's all that matters" comment. One has to assume he was joking. If he wasn't, well, that's just stupid.

It doesn't matter if you're first on the market for something. It matters if the product WORKS. This is why the HD Directivo will dominate over the 921.
This is assuming that it ever shows up... I would rather have a 921 that has a few bugs than nothing..

Just figured I'd have to comment - Shortages are regional on all products I see so far except the 921. The superdish is available on demand in some parts of the Northeast (upstate NY can get one whenever they want). And I had an 811 early on, first one died, wouldnt turn on (had a replacement in 2 days) - second one locked up during the 265 upgrade for 8 hours until I called the csr reps and they simply said that it happens and they are set to have one here friday (and the funny thing is after a day it just turned itself on) - I called back and they said just hang on to them both for awhile to see which one works better.

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