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Nov 20, 2016
This is gonna be a little long and if it doesn't belong here (mods) just delete.
I just upgraded (DIY) from a 1000.2 wa and a single dish on 61.5 for local (live in South Carolina), 211k and 311 receivers. I upgraded to a Hopper 3 and Joey 2 (both bought by me) and installed a 1000.2 with a hybrid lnb for the EA.

Because I am anal, I install everything myself, all the time. And I have spent one million hours reading on the net about this upgrade and dish install so I wouldn't have any surprises. Well it didn't work.
My plan was to use a cheap sf95 inline meter to help start the alignment, then use the 211k to fine tune the sat. I purchased a dpp EA lnb just for the alignment, because I have read a million times the hybrid lnb will not work with the 211k. But, I read once (and can't find it now) that the hybrid lnb would work just like a dpp if you wire straight to receiver (no hub). So I kept that in the back of my head.

Did the check switch with nothing attached and then started alignment. Found 72, but 211k did not see 61.5. Did check switch, same thing, result only showed 72 like it was a single lnb. I messed with this for hours, rechecking every connection. The decided it must be the new dpp lnb was bad. Installed the hybrid lnb (without the hub), exact same result. Was getting dark, so I punted. That night laying in the bed, I wondered if somehow the sf95 could be interfering with the lnb check switch, so first thing this morning, I took it out of the line and bam both satellites and check switch worked like a charm. Peaked dish with a 68 on tp3 61.5 and 59 on tp3 72.

Wired up the hub, hooked up the Hopper, download was seamless so was the joey. Watching tv now, after wasting about 5 hours.

Main things here are the sf95 is ok to find the first satellite, but take it out of the line if the check switch doesn't work. And the hybrid lnb WILL work with the 211k if you don't wire in the hub. Oh, and I know I could have saved a lot of time to just get Dish to install, but I think I can do anything..

Sorry if every body already knows this, but I haven't read it anywhere, maybe it will help someone dumb like me...

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