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Aug 23, 2004
Cincinnati Ohio
I live 1/2 way in between Dayton and Cinci.

I had a 942 and just upgraded to the 622.

When I had the 942, I was getting the local programming guide for both Dayton and Cinci Ohio OTA's. (they are 2 different DMA's)
My installer who left the country had figured this out.

Any help on getting this for my 622 would be greatly apprecited.
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I think the 622 only gets the locals guide if you subscribe to them via Dish. SInce you technically qualify for only one DMA, thats all you can get for the guide
I live in Omaha. 40 Miles from the Lincoln DMA and 30 Miles from the Iowa DMA. I get all 3 DMAs guide data for HD OTA programing if Dish has there SD channel also uplinked into there system.

On the SAT I only get Programing for the Omaha DMA, but I get all 3 OTA in HD.

If it is not working I would try deleting all your OTA channels, then reboot the box and rescan for them. Then do a check switch, this seems to reset the guide data and pick up OTA guide data. This is probably what your installer did that got it all to work.
I am paying for locals thru Dish and yes, those are Cinci. only.
I read some areas tha tthe 942 is picking up both DMA's but the 622 is not , yet.

would signing up for distant locals or giving 2 physical addresses do anything?

Yes, you are correct but that is something DISH recently changed. I get both the Cincinnati and Dayton stations and I subscribe to Cincinnati locals. Up until software version L3.63 I got listings for both markets. Now, just like Michael and a lot of other people in this area, I get no listings for Dayton stations.

I feel that if we subscribe to a local package but can pick up OTA stations from another market that we ought to get listings for both. That is the way DirecTV does it and DISH should too.
would signing up for distant locals or giving 2 physical addresses do anything?

If you get locals you can't sign up for distance locals and you can't have two physical addresses where the equipment is.

Besides, distance locals are going away Dec. 1st.
Just for the record:

Butler, Warren and Clinton counties are in the Cincinnati TV market. Never mind that the dayton local channel towers have guy wires in Butler county they are so close to the Butler/Montogomery line.

Prebble, Butler and Greene counties are in the Dayton market.

This map shows the TV markets in Ohio. (Auglaize county moved from the Lima market to the Dayton market last month).

See ya
I can recieve my local DMA (Indianapolis) ,Cinncinnati and Dayton OTA with a 622. I have guide info for Indy and Cinn. channels but not Dayton.
Don't know if something has changed, but I also got Dayton guide info on my 921. I'll have to add Cinn. and Dayton OTA channels back on my 921, and see what I get.

Still no Dayton or Cinncinnati OTA guide info on my 921 after adding them a couple days ago! And still no Dayton guide info on my 622. I am only pointed at 61.5,110 and 119 currently. Cinncinnati locals are at 110 now.
MichaelJames when you got your 622 did they install a different dish? Is it not seeing one satellite you used to be able to see?
When my 921 was the only HD receiver I had, it was pointed at 61.5,110,119 and 105. Guide info for Dayton was coming from 105. Dayton channels and guide info are at 105 and 129 now.
Or now that DISH is suppling some sub channel info has something changed ?

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I live in Springboro (Warren county) and get the Cincy locals throuigh Dish. However, I live in a Centerville zip code which gets Dayton stations; therefore, the Cincy channels will not remap down to the lower chanels (i.e., 5, 9, 12, etc) and until last week, my 942 did not get the guide data either. But now the 942 gets guide data for both Dayton and Cincy HD ota locals. My 622 still does not. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
Duane, no one is getting the guide data, on 622 receivers, for Dayton OTA sub-channels. ONLY for the primary channel and in some cases, the last update broke that for some.
Just an FYI... I happened to be playing with my antenna last night and got WCPO out of Cincinnati (I'm in Kettering, Dayton DMA only). After about an hour of being on my OTA channel list I had guide data populated for WCPO.
It seems that the guide will populate for local channels rec'd OTA under a couple of conditions: 1) You subscribe to your locals package and 2) The channel designation, i.e. WCPO, matches a station that Dish carries already.

Apparently subscribing to locals enables something like "show guide data for OTA digitals that also meet # 2".
I live in the Dayton DMA and I do not subcribe to the locals via dish. I only get a "digital service" on the guide for Dayton and Cincy. I did a search on the "themes and search" for the 622 reciever for The Simpsons and I got WRGT of Dayton listed for 7 and WXIX of Cincy for 11 tonight and so on for everynight including sunday. Next to the time it says Digital Service.
How would it know what time they are on and since it knows what time they are on why doesn't it display them in the guide?
I just hooked up 129'W from my DISH 1000 to my 622 with a SW-21 switch. I now have guide info for the Dayton stations.
I am now looking at 61.5,110,119 and 129. And getting guide info for Indianapolis,Dayton and Cinncinnati local channels using an OTA antenna.

Yes, as soon as I connected 129'W from my DISH 1000 between my SW-64 and my 622, with a SW21. I had to run a switch check to add 129'W. After the switch check, it automatically down loaded the guide. All channels (Indy,Cinci and Dayton) were at their correct OTA channel numbers. With guide info for all channels (xx.1) and Cinci sub channels! Still only Indy guide info on my 921, even though I can watch Dayton and Cinci locals. Looking at 61.5,110 and 119 only.


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