DNASP not updating for 625's - problems


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Apr 13, 2005
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A rather advanced topic it would seem, judging from a search of the forums.

The customer's 625 reciever is only showing a small fraction of the channels he's subscribed too. Mostly Milwaukee locals. The channels that do not come in simply show a black screen. No picture, no audio. But the info banner does appear at the top. I tried ungrounding the system, tried a hard reset, a front panel reset, ran a dummy line to the LNB... the 322 on his account is working great, all channels.

I spoke with a tech support CSR and she said that the DNASP version was out of date. It was 787, and she said it should be 789. She told me to leave the reciever on the system info three screen for 15 minutes, then do a FPR. I did so, but the version number did not change and the problem persists. Any ideas on how to update this DNASP? I've never even HEARD of it before today.

Note: The DNASP number is the smartcard firmware version. I don't know what DNASP stands for though.

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