Does Anyone have a DVR HOG in their home??


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Aug 19, 2004
One of my family members is CONSTANTLY recording programs......

What's that you say? <Well Jeff that's what DVR's are for>

Ok, so I'm fine with you filling up my list with figuring skating stuff that only YOU like.......but here's where I get pissy.

Then this family member will NOT delete it, she'll watch it, and then watch it again, and then finally when I tell her it's time tod elete it she'll record it to a dvd and remove it.

Does anyone else have someone in their house who records endless hours of a show and then refuses to delete it?


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May 18, 2004
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Well I do here, BUT every other day or so I D/L raw recording files to my PC from the 3 different DVRs and archive them there. If no one misses them they get deleted after a few days; if they speak up and want to save them, I edit out the commercials and burn them to DVD.
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Apr 7, 2004
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We have three HD DVRs and I clean them up every day or two and archive to DVR as necessary (usually over the weekend). When my daughter gets a little older, it will be her responsibility to schedule her recordings and archive them to DVD on the downstairs DVR.

Speaking of archiving to DVD...I wish E* would add a multi-play option to the 622 that would allow users to selected up to 6 hours of recordings for playback. For example: I could queue up 4-5 of my wife's shows and play them back, and record to DVD, while I sleep.

You may wish to consider adding another DVR.

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