Does Dish require this Monster dish D* does


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Jul 25, 2006
to get HD which is causing me so many problems with installers saying 'we don;t get on roofs anymore"?????? (seems to me they will be losing a ton of buss. if they no longer install sat. on roofs, what an idiotic idea).

1. On Dish do you get an Center Ice games in Hd, and what about OLN games in HD?
The Dish1000 required for most locations in the US, required for MPeg4 HD, a la the 211 or 622 is about the size of the older 3 lnb Phase III dish.

Some markets in the northeast need a dish at 61.5 and the original Dish500.

Both of these setups, including the 500+ and the 1000+ uses the same pole size as the older round 18 inch and the Phase III dishes.
As far as not getting on your roof, why would you want them too? IMO, it is easier and better to have the satellite installed on a pole. And you could do it yourself, it doesn't take a MBA to install a dish. If you wanted to you could get a piece of pipe and install it yourself--just make sure you've got good view of southern sky and then they could come and do the "Professional" install running your cables, grounding everything, etc... Then them getting on your roof is a non-issue.
Can't get a signal from the ground at my house, it's the roof or not at all, eventually one of my problems trees will have to go for other reasons and it could go on the side of the house I guess (not sure where the sats are but I assume) but not the ground or I would do that in a heartbeat.
i can see where the Directv installer is coming from on this one... have you seen the 5 LNB dish required for HD with Direct. That dish is enormous and has a huge windload...
1000+ also has a huge windload. The installer added two supports to keep it steady here in Michigan. Anyone compared the size of a 500+/1000+ against the D* 5LNB?
I have! And I would say the D* 5 LNB is a bit larger. It's definately heavier. But with that said, I would say installing either is no worse than installing a superdish on a rooftop. As long as you use the strut-mounts, then you'll be fine.
At least with Directv is pretty universal on the satellte you need. Dish Network has so many diferent combinations its quite confusing. You got Dish 500, Dish 1000, Superdish, and then you got the new dish's that work for that 118.7 Dish.

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