Does GPS Work on Innactive Phone?


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Nov 14, 2007
I was told by ATT and the Apple Store Geeks that if I deactivate my iPhone I will still be able to use it as an iPod Touch but none of the GPS features will work. I tested this out by using the TomTom APP on the phone with the sim card removed. The APP was still giving me accurate information on my current location. I then decided to use RunKeeper without the sim card (an APP that maps your workout route and tracks all of your workout stats) and that too worked perfectly fine.

Are these people wrong when they said that the GPS will be disabled if my phone is no longer active? Or was there something else at play that allowed me to use the GPS on the phone without the sim card?
What kind of phone is it? As earlier posted my 3G would not allow the GPS to work after I pulled the SIM.
I'm getting the 4s this week in place of my 3GS. From what I have been reading most people were still able to use gps apps. I have a 1st generation itouch that you cannot use gps apps. I'm turning my 3GS into my next itouch.:)
Here is a video of someone else using the TomTom APP without a Sim

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Got my 4s today and yes most apps I use (Nike + Gps, cyclemeter, runkeeper) worked just fine on my 3Gs. My new itouch :)

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