Does SuperDish have enough bandwidth for all locals?


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Sep 22, 2003
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If SuperDish has the capacity, here's what I would propose.

Move all "local-in-local" to the SuperDish and have all of the HDTV and other "Core" content on 110/119.

As it is, some of my locals require the second dish. Instead of asking for that Dish and having two, a single "large" dish would be less obtrusive.

What do you think?

Dish wouldn't move the locals off of 110 and 119 to 105 and 121 because it would tick off too many subscribers that did not require the SuperDish all along to recieve the locals, they would not like a bigger dish. Also it would cost Dish a LOT of money to swap everybody's dish out. Most of the U.S. population is capable of receiving their locals, the SuperDish is just a way to getting the rest of the markets that cover about a 15% of the population that cannot receive their locals yet on satellite.

In other words its not worth swapping out everyone's dish to a SuperDish making all these changes for just 15% of the population. On the other hand there would probably be a higher percentage of people that would take a satellite in those areas seeing how they would probably be less likely to have a cable system running in their area or to receive the locals OTA, IMHO.
Most of the LIL on 119/110 is on spot beams. Dish has capacity for 50 spot beams on 119/110 (not quite all are in use because of overlap problems). They have 32 transponders on each of the 2 superdish satellites. If they were to move the 50 spots to superdish, it would take up almost 50 of the 64 transponders. There is not enough room.

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