Does the Vip622 support a USB keyboard? (1 Viewer)

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Dec 5, 2006
Does the Vip622 support a USB keyboard?

I've done some searching and it seems like the answer is "no", but I'm hoping a software update may have changed that.
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SatelliteGuys Master
The usb port is not connected to running the 622's functions, it is only for uploading images. A software update may be able to change that, but I doubt Dish would waste the hard drive space to do that. The last receivers that had a keyboard were the 7100/7200 dishplayers and the keyboards did not really do that much more than the menu/remote could do (yes the typing was faster on the keyboard but traveling through the menu's is better and faster with the remote). The keyboard on those units were very useful when connected to the internet, something the remotes were certainly lacking in. If there was something the keyboard could be made to do a lot better, Dish would have already developed it and we would all have keyboards.

Of course, with the 922 being able to work with the internet, a keyboard on that receiver would certainly make working with that receiver a lot more user friendly.


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Mar 16, 2004
Satsuma, AL
As I recall, on the 721 it was useful for typing out the name of something to search for, and not much else at all.
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Supporting Founder
Oct 13, 2003
Denver, Co
I too would love to have keyboard support. Perhaps the 922 will have it to use with the Internet browser. In any case, common Dish. How about keyboard support for the 622/722.

The Linux drivers must be readily available (the space required would be minimal).
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