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Jan 17, 2010
I have a 500 dp plus dish, with 2 cables going to my 625 receiver, I installed a separator switch so I could get rid of one cable but with switch installed only one of my tv's get a signal, what am I doing wrong!

Thanks for any help.
to help with the terminology .... you have a dish 500 .stop.
you have a dish pro LNB .stop.
you need a dish pro plus LNB .stop.
also make sure the tuner 1 port of the separator goes to tuner 1 on the receiver.
although like the above post's say you probably only have a dp lnb not a dpp.
We really can't answer the question without knowing how the other TV is connected and what other changes you made. Is it a direct line from receiver to TV? Is the TV2 output backfed onto the satellite line and if so can you provide a diagram showing the diplexer and the Separator?
I just checked my LNB and it is only a dish pro not the plus, guess it wont work unless I get a plus LNB.

Thanks for the help.

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