dp34 connection problem


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Mar 11, 2004
i connected 3 lnb's from dp34 switch 1 got good conection the other two there is no connections some one can help me on this. is this lnb's not getting the right voltage or some thing wrong with switch nothing blocking the dish no trees or any thing
this 2 lnb's on superdish type 2 . there are 3 lnb's on the dish 1 say dp on the back that works fiine other 2 i don't see no dp on the back (one is oval shape the other one point shape) that dosen't work any reason for that please help
Super dish is DishPro technogology. Have not run into any bad DP 34s as of yet. Not saying it can't happen. You need to make sure you have dish aligned properly. Receivers will not detect the 105 or the 121 until you download if it is a new install. After download you have to do another switch check and check the superdish option. Make sure you are getting the 110 and 119 sats before checking for 105 or 121 sats.

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