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Jun 10, 2004
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Any news on when the DPP33 will be available? Any thoughts how much cheaper it will be compared to the DPP44? I am getting ready to upgrade to a 622 and this would be a nice alternative to needing a power inserter.


That is good news. Do you know if it will be the standard for a 3 receiver istall (with a dual tuner 622)? I have a couple of 811 (1 own/1 lease) and single runs of RG-6 to 3 locations and I sure could use a DPP33 instead of a DP34.

There would still be the need for the DP-34 switch unless they can make the DPP-33 switch work with with DishPro AND DishPro Plus LNBF's and if I am not mistaken the DPP-44 switch would work with the DP lnbf's right? If so then the DPP-33 switch should work with the DP lnbf's too.
I forgot all about that after hearing about the DPP-33. I hope these are not vaporware. I think there will be more of a need for these in the future particularly if they get the 4.5 degree satellite spacing to get satellites at 105.5, 114.5, etc.
Lemme get this straight O_O They're going to finally make a DPP... 33?! No 34?! Wow! That's still damn cool!

I Want a friggin DPP64! That's gonna be SA WEEEEET.

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