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Dec 12, 2017
I bought the adapter months ago, when they first became available. It caused my Hopper 2 to crash and reboot constantly. So I unplugged it, hoping that the problem would be fixed when the new software came down to enable dual tuning capability. When that software finally was released, it did not fix the problem. I SHOULD have returned it and got my money back, but I didn't. So my question is: Is this merely a defective adapter or is it just that I'm plugging it into a Hopper 2 instead of a Hopper 3. If so, is it likely to work if I get a Hopper 3?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Your OTA adapter is most likely the problem. It should work with the Hopper 2. Getting a Hopper 3 should not make any difference.

I don't know if your OTA adapter came with a warranty, but if it is only a couple of months old it might still be covered. I would call the place you bought it from, explain the situation, and try to get a replacement. It doesn't hurt to try!


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Jun 14, 2014
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If the problem is not with the OTA adapter, it could just be a problem with your Hopper 2. In that case, simply getting a replacement Hopper 2 should fix the problem.


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The dual channel OTA adapter has its bugs. In my case, it works for the most part but it loses signals from time to time and/or the sound drops out, also from time to time. For the most part a quick move to an adjacent channel and right back again resolves these issues. Some days it's pretty solid, and other days this happens fairly frequently.
The issue of the dual tuner adapter not being as sensitive as the single tuner adapter and running hot are already well known. That said, if they ever come out with a 2nd generation (new and improved?) dual tuner adapter, I'll certainly get one.

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