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Sep 18, 2006
Hi. I have a 322 hooked up in a garage thats backfed using a diplexer into a house. The only problem is that the uhf remote won't reach that far. is there a way to back feed the UHF antenna through the line to the tv 2? thanks.
what ive done in situations where the #2 remote was out of range, was added a piece of coax between the antenna and the receiver, then put the antenna in a "higher" or "closer" location to the #2 tv.
To the OP, yes it is possible to backfeed your UHF antenna signal. Along with your diplexers, you will need two 2-way splitters. One at the receiver to combine the TV2 output with the UHF antenna signal. And the other splitter will be at your TV2 itself, where you split the TV2 signal and UHF antenna signal
Webbydude is exactly right. It is possible to backfeed it, but depending where your box is you can use about anything to increase the signal. If you happen to have some old bunny ears laying around put those on there. I did this awhile back and was absolutly amazed at the range.
Yeah, you'd be surprised how well they work. And as you know, they are very cheap these days :) That is why I said it depends on where you have the box. Obviously most people wouldn't want to have a set of rabbit ears in the main room but if you have it somewhere out of the way it works great!

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