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Sep 29, 2007
I have a VIP 722. It used to be in the bedroom and the second tuner was for my living room. At Christmas I got a new HDTV for the living room (Apex LD4088) so I moved the 722 to the living room and changed the wireing so that my bedroom is now the 2nd tuner. I have two issues that I didn't have before.

1) when the 722 is plugged in via HDMI... If I turn off my TV (with button on TV or remote) then it shuts down the 722. It doesn't matter if I am watching something on the 2nd TV or not. If I plug it up via Component cables this doesn't happen.

2) the UHF signal was week so I plugged in a RCA ANT-145 to get a better signal This does HELP the issue however my antenna is behind my Apex TV and I have noticed that if the TV is off and I am in the bedroom then the remote works perfect no problems as if it were IR but if the Apex TV in the livingroom is ON then the remote nolonger works unless you get a lot closer to the Antenna. Do LCD Tvs usually block UHF signals? Is there a fix other than moving my antenna? If it has to be moved to a visible location then my wife is not going to like that.


P.S. Both of these questions are driving me crazy



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Dec 5, 2004
Some LCDs have known problems of interfering with UHF remotes. You might be able to fix your antenna problem buy removing the little wire antenna from back of 722 and hook it up to a length of coax and position it out from behind the TV.
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Sep 22, 2009
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Try swapping that TV for another. It sounds like that TV might have some leakage beyond FCC rules.

Read the previous msg.

DirtyDan said:
Some LCDs have known problems of interfering with UHF remotes. You might be able to fox your antenna problem buy removing the little wire antenna from back of 722 and hook it up to a length of coax and position it out from behind the TV.
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Jan 7, 2010
Some power saving newer tv's give off an IR signal through the room to detect lighting and adjust screen brightness accordingly.This IR signal does effect some UHF signals.
Try disabling "Dynamic Contrast" or disable the "energy saving" option if equiped.

Or move antenna


If you have a direct coaxial backfeed for TV2 from the reciever
(you will need 2 splitters for this trick)

Splitter 1
-put a two way splitter in the TV2 line behind the reciever with one output of the splitter going to the reciever where TV2 line was

-Remove the antenna from back of reciever and attach coaxial from where the antenna was to the other splitter output

-attach the TV2 line that was hooked to the receiver to the splitters input

Splitter 2
-in the room with TV2 you will put a two way splitter in the line behind the TV

-the input of the splitter will go to the TV

-one output you will screw the antenna onto

-the other output will have the line coming from the reciever(input of splitter behind reciever) going into it.

This also works if your using a diplexer for TV2 as well only the Input of the splitter behind the reciever will go to the VHF/UHF side of the diplexer

As for the powering down issue with the HDMI cord I have fixed this with using a different HDMI cord that DISH provides


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Nov 18, 2003
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A little more information please. Are you using single mode or dual? What are you plugging into? Is the amplifier on that strip?

The LCD interference (and please do turn off the dynamic features) should only be for the IR (local TV1) remote. As no light source is going to affect the UHF frequencies--the TV could, against FCC rules. I have used a 6' extension at times to get the UHF remote antenna out from behind the TV and other equipment.

Also make sure you are not plugged into a power strip that senses the current for the TV and turns off the other outlets if the TV is off--try it with no power strip or a "dumb" one. Turning off the set-top box means you will not get your daily reset, or rather it will take 3 minutes to get the STB rebooted when you turn them on and Dish may flag you for stacking with more than one box.

BTW, the 722 UHF output is amplified already so you should not need more. But I use an 10db 4-way VHF/UHF amplifier on mine to 3-way mix the incoming 50-mile OTA antenna and both 722s before the amplifier. Two of those outputs go to the 722s--looks like a loop but it isn't. Another get combined with the satellite signal for a distant 622 and the 4th output is split for recorders before the ATSC conversion, sigh. (A 10db amp and 4-way splitter are 12db lower output than this.) (I have no near neighbors to broadcast to from the 3-way splitter's back feed to the antenna, so far as I know.)


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May 19, 2008
1) Your television has a 2 way communication with the devices it is connected to. Look through your tvs menu for an option to disable this or continue to use the component.

2) The splitter trick mentioned above.

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