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Apr 6, 2005
Hello all. I just got a dish network set up this week and was a bit dissapointed when the tech told me he could only install one DVR (dual tuner) due to my wiring. Anyways here is what he did:

Set up 1 TV for tuner 1 recording then hooked up the other 2 TV's together for tuner 2 recording. TV 1 is fine, but my question is on the 2 tv's hooked up together to the dvr tuner 2. It seems like I can not watch my dish while the other tv is using the dvr. Does this sound correct?

any thoughts would be appreciated


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Mar 15, 2005
First of all it is possible to have 2 or more dual tuner DVR's if you have a DP34 or DPP44 switch installed. Each of these switches has four outputs (or two pairs for each dual tuner DVR). Also multiple switches can be ganged together to form 8 or 12 max outputs if desired. Also with the DPP44 use can use a DPP separator that allows one coax line to be divided to the two tuners.

Presently you have TV1 directly connected to tuner 1. And TV2 and TV3 connected to the coax output (UHF) from tuner 2 therefore TV2 and TV3 can only view the same program controlled by tuner 2. Obviously if you want each TV to have independent control you'll need a second DVR with its own separate feed.


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Jan 13, 2005
If you are leasing, they will only lease one DVR but you should be able to get a 322 non-DVR dual receiver. If you don't understand why the installer claimed he could not put in a second receiver, call his office and ask them to explain it clearly. You might also post here why you think he said it couldn't be done.


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Mar 11, 2005
not completely true, with a uhf pro #1 remote you could actually have the receiver(s) in your utility room and than use your home wiring, which may not have been used due to not being rated RG6, if you have 59 sat doesn't work properly. The feeds after the receiver can be on 59


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Feb 3, 2005
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Yes if you are leasing the equipment from Dish you can only get 1 dual tuner DVR I.E. the 522. If you wanted more tv's with DVR, you can then get 2 single tuner DVR units I.E. the 510, on a lease program. You can not get two 522's if you lease from Dish. That is why the installer said he could only do 1.

Not sure if you are saying when you record on tuner 1 you can't watch something live on the 2 tv's that are on tuner 2. If that is the case then the unit might be in single mode, or something is wrong with the unit.


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Mar 4, 2005
You could just buy another 522, and add it to your account.

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