DVR510 vs. PVR721


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Dec 17, 2003
Hi, I am new to the forum. Hope my question is simple enought - currently I own Dish 500 and would like to upgrade to one of the above mentioned units. My goal is to be able to record TV programs in advance (sometimes days in advance), feature accessible for all the channels I subscribe to (America Everything pack + few international, I have two dishes). I can get a promo price for the 510 if I turn in my old unit. Given the big price difference which one would you advice me to get? So far I am not interested in recording one channel while watching another, save on New Year's eve...
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well, the 721 is a 2 tuner PVR, which you said you don't need. the 721 also has no PVR fees. There are no deals on the 721 so be prepared to pay!

The 510 has one tuner but also has the $5 PVR monthly fee. This is probably your best bet as the upgrade offer is only $99 (or $149) for a 1 year committment.
Great, thanks. So I'll just turn in my old one and get the 510 (no fee since I subscribe to everything) for $99.00 and still be able to program recording in advance.

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I searched already...please don't flame.....2 receivers

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