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Sep 8, 2003
Wow! Just checked both Lyngsat and Tony's Dish Channel Chart, and Echostar 9 is alive. I counted 10 (international channels) listed on Lyngsat (here: http://www.lyngsat.com/dig/dish9.shtml ) and Tony lists 20!

I'll say it again: If you are not checking out both these resources at least once a week, you are missing out on a lot of good info! Thanks Tony and Christian (and all the contributors, too!)
I checked further, and every one of the channels listed by Tony's Chart on 121 is also available on BOTH 61.5 and 148. (The almost exception is Channel 1 Russia, which is apparently uplinked to both locations, but not available to subscribers yet.)
This is correct, at the moment the Internationals at 61.5 and 148 are mirrored.

Additional International channels are supposed to be coming, but I am hearing that some rumors that Globecast may be going through some major changes in the next month and may actually take many of the new International channels Dish was planning on adding away from Dish.

Not all the internationals on 61.5 are on 121 yet. I counted 45 (on Tony's chart; 41? on Lyngsat [maybe I miscounted?]).
Hey Scott, I'm very interested in the international channels and was looking forward to them in the near future, as were many other customers i'm sure. Why is it Globecast has the right to not let Dish carry these channels? Any idea which they were and when new internationals will be available?
If Globecast chooses to not allow Dish to have these international channels then would Dish have another source for international channel content to make up for the ones that he may not able to provide? Dish said they were planning to have 100 international channels available at 121.

If they end up not having all those international channels put up I wonder what plans Dish has to use up that space and with what content? Perhaps more HD or locals instead?
It's more likely Globecast either has an existing contractual relationship or offers a more convincing solution for the broadcaster.

Some international broadcasters really do want to be available to their ex-patriots on a no-charge basis.

Others are swayed by Dish's tale of untold riches, if only they will seek distribution in the US exclusively through Dish Network.
It is good to see you here, Mr. H. In my opinion, you are the number 1 source for what happens on all the satellites in the CONUS arc.

I wish I had half the hardware and expertise you do!
Well, one of my sources was able to gleen channel number and transponder. But since he is not a hacker and the EPG info is goofy, I don't know what channels are on which channel numbers. But if you're interested, the channel numbers and transponders are listed in the chart. www.dishchannelchart.com

Looks to me like more mirrors! :)

See ya
So what is the best way to get someone most of the programing off 119 and also they want the Arabic channels...will i have to set two dishes? Could i set a dish 500 at 119 and 121 and get most of that for them with out the extra dish?
Bruno said:
So what is the best way to get someone most of the programing off 119 and also they want the Arabic channels...will i have to set two dishes? Could i set a dish 500 at 119 and 121 and get most of that for them with out the extra dish?


There will be a version of the SuperDish which will receive 110, 119, and 121. Just wait a little bit longer.....

121's updated EPG info is now at TNGTony's list :)

around 40 or so channels are uplinked/mirrored now
That's wrong - the satellite does not provide any EPG information for the all mirrored international channels there. Also no one of existing satellites include in real EPG/EEPG (EIT) data any bit of information about that channels at 121.

Actually I counted 46 channels and all of them just a dublicated from 61.6/148 satellites.
Around 40 can easily mean 46 :)

I didn't say presisely 40 :)

About EPG etc, and how it all gets there, etc ... Sorry if misleaded anyone...
English is a 2nd language here, and often i tend to simplify it somewhat to my own liking... own type of "slang" so to speak, i suppose..

Peace to all :)

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