E*'s CSRs strike again!


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Sep 12, 2003
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Was all scheduled to have a 510 added to my household on Saturday (took the free upgrade deal to add one to my household in exchange for committing to two years). Talked with the CSR and explained that I was going to add one to my setup (I had just recently switched gotten off the DHP (2000 era Digital Dynamite) plan, and confirmed that they received my 2 old leased receivers. I have a 721 and 2 Dishplayers right now. I reminded the guy on the phone that I have a Dish 500 setup with a SW64 so they would have to send switches to revamp my setup as I was maxed out. He said "OK", I was all set.

They were supposed to arrive between 8-12 and they showed up at 9:45. (Good). They only had a 510 and wanted to take my 2700 as a swap (which I didn't have as I sent it back 6 weeks ago) (Not so good).

C'Mon E*. I know these morons are only making a lick over minimum wage, but they are causing you a world of hurt with your customers. I laughed it off with the installer who showed me the work order which clearly showed a swap, and he said that he didn't have what I needed to make it work. To the installers credit, he got on the phone to make sure that they got it straight for the next time. (We'll see). Supposedly, he went over all of the things I would need with the CSR, and they rescheduled for 11/29 (I set the date... couldn't make it work sooner).

Bottom line, I'm still getting a great deal, as the 510 is free, I have no PVR fee thanks to AEP, and all I have is the additional receiver fee. They are going to pay to give me an extra SW64 and whatever else I need, to give me my 4 receivers (one with two feeds), and I don't have to pay anything extra (I was wondering if I was gonna get that "non-standard" install crud). The installer did say that since I was committing to 2 years that they would cover everything I needed to upgrade.

So it's a little inconvenience, but we'll try again on 11/29. I'll let you know how I make out. And E*, if you're listening, start penalizing these guys if they knowingly put false info on the work orders. Either the CSR who "helped" me was a jerk who didn't care, or an idiot who didn't know what he was doing. Neither one is serving you well...... And make sure that they get taught to call over a supervisor if the computer system fights them. I had just switched from DHP to a standard plan and I don't know if this screwed with the software they were running.....

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