Eastern Arc

Two ways to go,129,119,110 ,or 61.5,72.7. What would I get the best signal from?

My elevation angle (northern VA) is near 45 degrees, so for me, I get a lot less weather between the dish and the satellite. EA is way better for me.

This answer depends upon where you're located. Go for the highest elevation angle.
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Thanks Northern MI. for me,not sure what my angles are.

I don't have a zip, but I guessed at 48003 by Googling "northern MI" and put that into Dishpointer.com. WA has an elevation angle of 28.7 deg. EA has an elevation angle of 39.3 deg. I don't know where 48003 is, though. Is that close enough?
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Wait, what? Isn't that a New York zip?

Anyhow, for that zip, WA is only at 24.3 deg, while EA is 42.7 deg. Scott makes a good point. If you want your locals delivered via satellite, you may have no choice.
I just had a new roof put on and I moved the dish I wasn’t about to put holes in the new roof. I installed it on the Facia and I have nothing but clear sky in front of it. The old spot sneaked through some trees.. Do I need to reinstall the side arm supports to the mast ? And what is the best signals I should look for. I am on the Eastern Arc .

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