"Ebay" 522 arrived and activated by Dish for Non-D


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Nov 25, 2003
Hi Guys,

My new 522 purchased off of Ebay arrived today New in the Box as promised !! Hooked it up, checked switch, new software downloaded, called Dish and they activated it no problem !!!

Tech support person even said that was a nice receiver and I will enjoy it !

She is correct, it works flawlessly (so far) and my free-deal 510 is already sold on Ebay to recoup my 522 costs. :)

So after getting a 322 on Ebay last week, and now this Ebay 522 today, I feel confident that anyone who gets one of these "DHP" only gadgets should not have any problems getting them activated by Dish even thou they are not DHP customers !!

When my 921 arrives next week (bought from dealer) my "End-Game" of a 921/811/522/322/301 system will be complete... AND my 2 DP34s FULL :)

Happy New year to everyone and thanks to Scott for this list. I probably would not have all the fancy new Dish gadgets I have now if it weren't for this forum !!

There are two more on there right now. If that is what you paid for yours it looks like you got a good deal. A little pricey for me right now though. Hopefully they will have some kind of a deal for current subs next year. If not I may have to check back on EBay. This is the one receiver that I really want. The only thing lacking that would make it perfect would be a built in DVD recorder for archiving.
There are two more on there right now. If that is what you paid for yours it looks like you got a good deal.

Yep, same guy, same price. I would have liked to gotten one for less, but honestly would have paid more.

Honestly, in the last 2 months with all the "insider" info I have learned from this forum, plus Ebay deals, and sales... I have gone from a 4900/3000(dead)/2700 with Dish 500 Legacy system to a 921/811/522/322/301 with Dish Pro 500/300 and 2 DP34s .. for a total cost of $472 for ALL of it, including installs !!!!! :)

I am very happy indeed and "set" for another few years !!!!

THANKS AGAIN SCOTT and Satelliteguys.US !!!

Happy New Year


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