Echostar: The future is bright

John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
Satellite cable firm emerging as a giant success story in Colo.

By Chris Walsh, Rocky Mountain News
October 27, 2003

For the past month, cardboard boxes, metal cabinets and wooden crates littered the hallways of EchoStar Communications Corp.'s sprawling Littleton headquarters.

Employees cleared out desks and packed personal belongings. Some workers even said goodbye to colleagues in other departments.

Such a scene has become commonplace during the last three years as high-tech companies downsized and closed their doors forever.

But for EchoStar, it's a sign of growth.,1299,DRMN_49_2378871,00.html
What I find most interesting in that article is this:
Ergen now is the nation's 20th- richest person, with an estimated worth of $8.9 billion.
Worth $8.9 billion, and still showing up (almost) every month to "chat" with the customers.

You sure don't see Bill Gates doing that...
Its like a tradition. He has done this since he first started Dish Network. He has an interest in this technology but I think that things are thought of differently by a lot of people (including Charlie) than what they used to be when these companies were in their earlier stages.

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