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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
Any Enterprise fans out there? Are you enjoying the hunt for the Zindi? I really love the way each episode is connected...reminds me of the end of DS9. Although that "Zindi Tribal Council" thing is strange. It seems more like something you would see in Star Wars than in Star Trek. Thoughts??


I'm glad to see they are trying an ongoing story line like DS9 developed and like you I think the Zindi Tribal Council is strange. The mix of alien actors and computer animated creatures doesn't quite work for me. And the creatures in the water tank are just silly. I hope they drop the council scenes.

I do like the addition of the "soldiers" to the cast but I think they have only appeared in 1 episode. I would like to see their characters developed.

DS9 is my favoritre Trek series followed by the Original, TNG, Voyager and finally Enterprise. Enterprise has the potential to be better than Voyager and this season will determine if they can do it.

Mark Bender

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Sep 8, 2003
Its a MUST SEE around our house. I have it set up to PVR at 2 different times on my 721 (Just in case) and ALSO on my Dishplayer (another vote of confidence)! THere would be hell to pay if it was not available. Connecting the episodes is a GREAT idea. Makes it seem more real. I also think T'Pol's new uniform is better than last years.
Oct 5, 2003
Enterprise is a must see at my house. I have a season Pass. Has anyone noticed the closing theme song? I believe it is new this year. It has the feel of older Star Trek theme songs. I have noticed that they seem to be showing more skin with T'Pol. Jolene Blalock is hot. :thumbsup:
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