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Jan 29, 2006
A few months ago, I started having troubles with my 622. It would randomly lock up, it completely lost a full hard drive of recordings, and it just acted generally wonky.

I called Dish, they sent out at tech, and he decided that it was because the receiver was plugged in to a power strip. He replaced the receiver with another 622, plugged it in to a grounded outlet, and figured all would be OK. Well, within no time it was acting crazy again. Tech comes back, looks things over, says something about signal strength, makes some adjustments, goes away, seems like the problem is solved.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm wanting to use the internet features of the box to rent a VOD, but I'd forgotten to plug in the ethernet cable after the last tech I plug it in, and within minutes, all of the craziness starts up again. The box slows to a crawl in terms of responding to the remote, the video freezes and requires a restart...and so I realize that for some reason, plugging in the ethernet cable is causing the troubles.

We don't use any of those functions that often, so it wasn't a big deal...but a few days ago, I thought i'd try again, to look through some of the Dish Online stuff, and as soon as I plug in the cable, the bad behavior starts right back up again.

Is this something that any of you have run in to?

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