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Oct 4, 2006
This is my first post. I read with encouragement the results that various posters had with issues being resolved by sending an email to the executive response team. I personally had experienced 2 consecutive installer no-shows and then ultimately arrival of the installer with equipment different than what I had ordered. To be fair to Dish, I ordered through my local telco and was not informed of a Dish policy relating to certain types of equipment.

I have sent 4 different emails to the team beginning Sunday - based on the responses received from other forum members I expected to receive a response addressing my concerns. As of this evening I have received no responses to any of the emails. I may still choose to go forward with Dish service, however the lack of response does cause some concern as to how future issues might be addressed.

I'm presuming that no response indicates that my issues are viewed to be without merit. Based on your previous experiences is this a correct conclusion?
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The phone company handles your support. Chances are good they forwarded your emails to the phone company for handling, which would explain why they didn't reply.

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