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Nov 21, 2017
Rowlett, TX
So I've tried installing an 8 TB external hard drive without any success. This is the third hard drive I've used with problems. The genie recognizes the hard drive, reformats it, and shows the hard drive at 100 percent but everything slows down and becomes unresponsive and slow to any command on the remote. The system slows to a crawl and is pretty much unusable. It ends up freezing and locking up for a few seconds and my genie Mini never ends up connecting. I have an HR54, C61.

The first two hard drives I used were:

The third hard drive I used was:
Both hard drives game me the same problem. Is there something I need to change in the settings? I was really excited to record all of the Winter Olympics before and this time the World Cup.

Is there an 8tb hard drive and enclosure you all could recommend on Amazon? I rather not go this route because I do not really know what I am doing. But I might be left with no other choice. Could there be something wrong with my Genie? Thanks for reading my post. Any help is much appreciated.
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