External HD USB Switch You Use?


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Mar 29, 2004
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My 2 750GB Western Digital HDs are full so I am getting 2 more from Santa. What USB switch is being used successfully by anyone on here? Prefer to get it from Amazon. I am getting WD 1 TB drives this time btw, want to set it up the easiest way to switch HDs. If they make one with future expandability to say, 4 drives and a remote, bonus. Thanks ahead of time.


PS I am reading that not all switches work, and looking at them, most are for several computers to share 1 thing like a printer so that's why I want to hear from someone already set up and its working. Thanks.
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Nov 18, 2003
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I have a bunch of USB cables coming from the drives to the floor in front of 2 722s. I put the color coded cable I want into each and it is like the old telephone switchboards. Color coding is on the drive or disk, its cable, and in my "Excel" sheet of 1200 movies and many additional programs. (Actually I use the free NeoOffice, not MS.) This forces me to get up to switch drives, I should do that more often to improve my circulation. I have 5*750GB + 3*1TB today and just ordered a 1.5TB at $80, varying from half to very full. I do run out of electrical outlets for the wall warts.


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Oct 2, 2006
I use 2 external USB HDD plugged into both the front and back of the VIP 622 USB ports and then use a X10 remote control power appliance module to power ON/OFF one of the external USB HDD at a time.

My understanding is that the VIP 622/722 detects the first powered up external USB HDD and that a multi port USB Hub where only one of the external USB HDD is powered up should work though I can't verify right now. Can any one out there reading this verify that a VIP 622/722 with a USB HUB when only one external USB HDD is powered up, does it works.

Don't know for sure but I see no reason a manual push button USB Swtch Box would not work.
USB 2.0 4-Port Switch for Sharing Devices US-44 LOW PRICE $22.50


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Oct 2, 2006
You got wrong one: it serve 4 hosts to one device; but for DVR it must be diff type: 0ne host to four devices.

Your right, that usb switch above is a USB Type B Peripheral switch and a USB Type A Data Switch like the one below should work. USB Type B Peripheral switch should work by using 1 x "Male A to Male A Cable" and 4 x "Male B to Male B" Cable or by using gender change adaptors.

USB Type A 2.0 ABCD 4way switch box, 4 way data sharing 4A 1B - eBay (item 300363673423 end time Dec-03-09 19:23:27 PST)

---USB Type B Peripheral switch should work by using Gender Adaptor---
1 x New USB Gender Changer Male A To Female B - eBay (item 250533677656 end time Dec-19-09 18:36:26 PST)
4 x USB 2.0 A Female to B Male adapter connecter AF/BM - eBay (item 390120357948 end time Dec-18-09 11:58:37 PST)

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Oct 4, 2003
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While A and B are proper geometry description of jacks, I specifically mentioned "host/device" because of USB electrical signaling and protocol.
It is relevant especially in case of using gender connectors.

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