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Nov 30, 2009
I'm hoping someone can help me! I've borrowed a family member's receiver for a few months while they are away for winter. I already have three working receivers on a Dish 500 (there are three cables coming from dish). My brother is subscribed to all movie channels and local channels, so thought I would use his receiver in my bedroom instead of my current one while he is away so we can have more channels at his expense :)

Anyhow, the receiver is OLD ... model is Echostar - 4000. It is locked on satellite 110, but when trying to lock on 119, I get the "wrong sat - Echostar 110 west" The signal strength is good, but will not lock. I've done the switch test a dozen times with no luck. I know the dish is aimed correctly, because my other two receivers are picking up 119 & 110 fine.

Any help would be appreciated...perhaps the old receiver is not compatible with the dish I have??

I'm obviously not satellite smart, which is why I'm here. Thanks!

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