file codec for HD DVR hr24-200

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Nov 8, 2011
Looking for the File codec for the HR24-200. Trying to play my playlist on a Tablet. I can get my playlist to come up on the tablet but when I try palying a show from my playlist it says can't find a complatable player. The tech person from the app says I need to find the file codec for the DVR to find a player that can play that type of file.
Thanks for any help you can give.
The codec is an basically Mpeg2/4 (depending on channel) problem is that the video is wraped inside an encrypted layer that can only be decoded by players dtv wants them play on.

Here a basic run down on how this works. Player ( tablet ) request file but while it does that inside the packet header it also asking for the recivers videoguard software to run and check permission on the file to make sure it still allowed to be played. If yes videoguard subsystem decypts the video and sents it as a secured session stream to the player.

So bottom line is your not going to happen unless someone breaks (hacks) videoguard subsystems and fines the keys for decryption.
Or just wait for a dtv app to come out for your tablet. There were rumors that there was to be a ipad and android app that allowed streaming from the dvr. But who knows if or when it will ever come out.
this (and a string of other oddly high-tech questions) were asked a few months back; also curiously by a recently signed up member with under 5 total posts; and then they disappeared. hmmmm?
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