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Jan 5, 2004
I dropped Netflix for a variety of reasons (pricing on Blu-ray for example) and have my first disc by mail from Blockbuster. So far so good.

I understand that the 922 will have to wait a bit for streaming. Okay I can wait (I dropped Netflix streaming so I am waiting...).

But when I tried to look at online content in Firefox, the addin will not load as non-compatible. I use FF Ver. 7.*

A bit of research found this:

That XPI has a maxVersion of 6, it needs to be updated for Firefox 7.

You could save that extension to disk, and open it to bump the maxVersion yourself if you feel adventurous.

If you don't already have it, download and install the 7-Zip program - it is a file archive utility manager program for Windows - free & open source.
Once 7-Zip is installed, right-click the XPI file and select Open with > 7-Zip File Manager

Once you see the contents of that XPI, locate the install.rdf file.
Right-click the install.rdf file and select Edit & your text editor will open. Locate the em:maxVersion ine and edit to read 7.0.* . Then use File > Save as... in your text editor and 7-Zip will ask you if
you want to save the changes to the archive - don't use any compression if you are asked about that.

To install en extension which you have on local disk, you can use File > Open File... or simply drag the XPI into the Firefox browser window.

You will need to test that extension to make sure it actually still works in Firefox 7.​

Sure enough the maxVersion is 6.0! Where are these guys? Unfortunately after editing the install.rdf file and saving, Firefox returns "corrupt addin" and will not load it.

So I have use Chrome which works. But I had to download Chrome just for Dish Online.

Seems that the addin guys should be on top of this...


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Sep 20, 2005
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I'm using Firefox 7 just fine. I honestly don't have a clue as to the XPI you are talking about.