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Oct 13, 2003
Spoke with a Dish Retailer today about getting an install. Was told could be done on Saturday. Said he is only allotted 5 811s at this time. Need to decide if i should go the DHP with an 811/522 or the owning plan of 811/301. (I have a stand alone Tivo.) Would really appreciate any advice I can get. He also said I am charged $99 for the second Dish. I am in the Orlando Florida area and will not be able to have a SuperDish.
Will be subscribing to the HD package and Everything Pak.
Any advice and info would be greatly appreciated by this newbie.
Thanks, John

Dish is considering migrating some or all of the HD over to the Dish 500 satellites. Depending on what they decide to move over and when they decide to do it, very soon you might not require a second dish to get most or all of the available HD programming. What exactly they are going to do is up in the air at present. Currently there are 4 HD channels on Dish 500 and I believe they are looking at moving the current premium movie channel offerings over from the 61.5 location.

If you need to have absolutely everything that is available in HD on Saturday, then you definitely need the second dish. If you have some patience, you might think about living with the 4 HD channels currently available on Dish 500 and holding off on the second antenna until Dish figures out exactly what they are going to do.


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