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Aug 24, 2006
Here's something new. When on an HBO channel and you exit from any overlay screen, say browse, guide, or menu, you'll see the whole screen flicker. This happens on all my receivers, 211, 612, 622. Go ahead and try it I bet you'll see the same thing. No other channels do this, at least from what I have tried so far. It also happens if you're on any other channel and use browse to scroll to an event in the future on an HBO channel and then hit select.

Really weird, don't know what's causing this. I thought maybe those ridiculous banner ads for HBO GO could have been the problem but the 211 and 612 don't have those.


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Feb 7, 2011
Yes.. you're not the only one to notice. I dare say that I noticed it around the time they were supposed to start putting HDCP on all of the HBO's, not when they supposedly started it for HBO Comedy but when they were to turn it on for all of them.


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Jul 18, 2004
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it's caused by the HDCP conversation that your tv and receiver are having. as a test, change to component cables and see if it goes away.

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Feb 7, 2011
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I don't think I experienced the flickering screen yet, but something else. I put it on HBO at 8:58pm because I wanted to watch Boardwalk Empire. At 9:00pm exactly, the top banner seemed to just pop up by itself stating that it's now 9pm and that Boardwalk Empire is now on etc... Not sure if that was just a fluke but I'll keep an eye on that.


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Jan 3, 2007
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Thanks for the thread...I didn't realize this was only happening on HBO/Cinemax. It was driving me nuts...I've run check switch, and unplugged trying to make it stop. It also happened a couple years back, and then stopped...wonder if E* was messing around with HDCP a while back (I think they did)?. The flicker we are talking about, isnt while viewing HBO/Max, but rather when tuning to these channel. While tuned to these channels, I can make it happen while on the channel, by pulling up the EPG or Info popup and then exiting it. Try that out...

Not the end of the world, but disconcerting. Wonder if E* can fix this...

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