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Jan 1, 2004
Is there are FAQ for this specific forum? I'm curious as to all the nomenclature used by the gang.. I see D*, E*, and Charlie being thrown around a lot, and I'm curious as to how the names were derived, and who exactly they refer to, though I have a pretty good idea. I see the FAQ above, which isn't useful, and a search for a FAQ reveals the newsgroup stuff, which isn't what I'm looking for. Just want to get the fast track into the vocabulary here. Thanks!

When DBS was new there were 4 outfits although two may not really be true DBS as we know it.
There was Echostar, Alphastar, Primestar and Directv.

So the first letter of the provider followed by a * is nothing more than a shortcut.

Charlie is the first name of the CEO of Echostar or Dish Network.

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