FOX Affiliates on Ku-Band (1998)


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Jan 29, 2019
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As the majority of FOX feeds were on C-Band (Telstar 4) including FOXNET (Spacenet 4, transponder 10 and Satcom F1, transponder 19), I wonder FOX affiliates were on FTA Ku-Band at the time besides what's listed here (though the Ku side of Spacenet 3R consisted of Florida newsfeeds, Sunnysat/NY Net feeds, Lottery drawing feeds, Oregon Ed-Net feeds, Video & Online services etc...)
S3R-13L: KDFW 4 (FOX - Dallas-Ft. Worth)
S3R-13U: WFXT 25 (FOX - Boston) also carried as the "FOX East" feed on ExpressVu
S3R-14: WSVN 7 (FOX - Miami)
S3R-14L: WFLD 32 (FOX - Chicago)
S3R-14U: WAGA 5 (FOX - Atlanta)
S3R-15L: KTTV 11 (FOX - Los Angeles)
S3R-15U: WNYW 5 (FOX - New York City) also carried as one of the affiliates/broadcast networks on DirecTV Puerto Rico
S3R-16: KSAZ 10 (FOX - Phoenix)
S3R-17L: KTVU 2 (FOX - San Francisco) also carried as the "FOX West" feed on Primestar (W7-40)
S3R-17U: WPGH 53 (FOX - Pittsburgh)
S3R-18L: KSTU 18 (FOX - Salt Like City)
A2-329: KAYU 28 (FOX - Spokane)
A2-324: WUTV 29 (FOX - Buffalo)
KCPQ 13 (FOX - Seattle) FOX-W on ExpressVu (both ExpressVu and StarChoice shared satellite space on the Ku side of Anik E2 (A2), before ExpressVu moved to a DBS-only sat the following year)
WJBK 2 (FOX - Detroit) FOX-C on ExpressVu
WUHF 31 (FOX - Rochester/UPN secondary) FOX-R on ExpressVu
Though most of the stations listed were on the Echostar 3 and 4 birds which was DBS-only and were limited to Dish Network customers at the time.
Well Ku was mostly a source for newsfeeds and sporting events at the time, FOX had news feeds on SBS6 and Telstar 5 Ku (WTTG Washington, D.C., KRIV Houston, WDAF Kansas City, WBRC Birmingham, KTVI St. Louis, WGHP Greensboro-High Point, WHBQ Memphis, WJW Cleveland, WTVT Tampa Bay, KTBC Austin, WTXF Philadelphia (carried as the East coast FOX feed on Primestar (W7-39)), KVVU Las Vegas (which launched its news department in June that year), WOFL Orlando (became a FOX O&O in 2002), WITI Milwaukee, WICZ Binghamton (formerly NBC), etc...), the feeds from the Sinclair stations were also on T5 Ku as well (WTTE Columbus, WBFF Baltimore, WLFL Raleigh (which became a WB affiliate in August of that year), KOKH Oklahoma City (which briefly sold the station to Sullivan Broadcasting, Inc. the same year), WZTV Nashville, KABB San Antonio, WRLH Richmond, WVAH Charleston-Huntington (whose 10PM newscast produced by WCHS-TV launched that year) etc...). The Tribune FOX stations, I've already listed in my WB thread.
My Satellite TV Week Magazine from August 1999 lists that FOX has newsfeeds on Telstar 5 Ku (T8), transponders 18 & 20 (KMPH Fresno, WUPW Toledo, KHON Honolulu, WVUE New Orleans, WLUK Green Bay/Fox Cities, WALA Mobile-Penscacola (formerly NBC), KCBA Salinas-Monterey (UPN secondary), WXIX Cincinnati, WTVW Evansville, WHNS Greenville/Asheville (newscast produced by WSPA-TV), WSJV South Bend, WOLF Scranton (newscast produced by WNEP-TV), WPXT Portland, Maine, WXXA Albany, New York (Capital District), WFXB Myrtle Beach (WB secondary) etc...). Others like WAWS Jacksonville had SNG feeds.
Unlike most other FOX affiliates at the time, my local FOX station (KTTV 11) was the only one that didn't have any early evening newscasts (until September 2011 when "Studio 11 LA" debuted). Instead deciding to counterprogram the early evening newscasts on KCBS (2), KNBC (4) and KABC (7) with syndicated repeats of The Simpsons, Home Improvement and Married... with Children.
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Also, this was around the time when FOX scrambled it's feeds for their primetime programming (Beverly Hills, 90210, Party of Five, The World's Funniest, The Simpsons, Melrose Place, Ally McBeal, King of the Hill, The X-Files, America's Most Wanted etc...).
Plus, the newsfeeds that came in from Florida were seen on Spacenet 3R Ku (S8), transponder 24 (WFLX West Palm Beach, WFTX Ft. Myers/Naples etc...). WOFL's newscasts were being simulcast on WOGX in Gainesville, WJHG at one point during the decade (1990s) had a 9PM newscast produced for WPGX Panama City but it was short-lived.