Free HD Package Preview??

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Sep 8, 2003
Scott, have you (or anyone else for that matter) heard if there is going to be a free preview of the HD package, either before the Sept 16th start or for sometime after? If not, I take it we all will have to call on the 16th and sign up to get the prrogramming.
I have not heard, I would hope that the package would be free for at least a week this will give Dish HD customers a nice gift and it will make sure Dish CSR's are properly instructed about the HD package.
Agreed, it would be nice and the CSRs do need the time to get up to speed. If everyone called in forst thing Tuesday morning the 16th, it would be a mad house.

Please keep us informed if you hear anything.
No news on a free preview last night, it appears we will be waiting till the 16th.

I plan on signing up for the yearly package on the 15th, but only if they assure me that a free SuperDish comes along with it when they are available.
Why do people insist on calling to get programming? Just go to Dish's web site and do it there. It's faster, quicker and not as slow as phoning and getting put on hold. :)

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