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Oct 2, 2003
My Cox Cable now has HDTV Boxes for lease for only $9.95 per Month with no contract AND there HDTV Package FREE for one year (Espn, Discovery, Locals, ect). HBO and Showtime if you subscribe.

I looked real hard at getting this from Cox today. Then I compared the Signal quality and got real confused.

The Local Non HDTV Channels all look much much better on Cox Cable and with my Over the Air Atic Antenna than compared to the DishNetwork Locals for Omaha, Denver, and the west coast feedS. One i C OMPARED was to look at the Green Grass on the Football feilds during games. Cox Cable and the Ant, you can see the grains of grass on a 65 Inch TV, with Dish, it is kind of a blur. I tried many Screen Brightness, and contast settings (it did not matter, the quality was not there on Dish).

But all the Other Standard DEF Dish Network channels all looked much better that the Cox same channels (channels 1-70 non digital cox).

Why is this?

It looks like Cox cable would be better price (saving over $200 per year , assuming no increases and the $9.95 rental fee for the box vrs Dishs outright box purchase costed out over Two Years).

The Locals all look much much better than Dish, but all the other channels show artifactes on Cox.


With Dish now trying to put so much on the Mains (119 and 110), does this mean that they are going to keep compressing the Locals so much that most can tell the difference compared to Cable or an Over the air Ant.

Is it going to get worse?

Is the cable deal better?

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