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Feb 6, 2008
United States
After all this talk about Turbo package being for new customers, I was curious about the DHA 24 being advertised. Available to new and current dish customers, if you sign up for the dha 24 you will get hbo and starz free for 3 months.

After playing csr roulette, and being told by quite a few csr's that this was only available to new dish customers, I came across one today that said all you have to do is sign up for a 24 month contract and that you can get the 2 movie channels free for 3 months starting Aug 1st. I told her to make a note and make sure on Aug 1st I am still able to do this.

Just thought this would be helpful to some who want to see the new HD channels free for 3 months or for Hardknocks: Dallas Cowboys training camp and Entourage for Hbo. Hope this helps.
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Sep 20, 2005
Fishers, IN
That's all only what ONE CSR said. I doubt it would have gone through.
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