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Sep 8, 2003
Modesto, CA
There is a gray area in the posts about last evenings "Charlie Chat"

Question: If we already have the "Everything Package" and subscribe to the "HDTV" package can we just call Dish and get the free Superdish installed by agreeing to continue our programming for one year? :?:
Just as long as you agree to one year of HD or at least the AT 50 package the dish will be free. :)

Its a REALLY good deal!

Congrats to Charlie for this great offer!
I was a little worried because I have just about everything anyway. That really is a great deal. One problem for me though, I have my service at my other house in GA, hmmmmmmm - what to do????
I agree with the issue of some customers needing more than one SuperDish for camping, second home (cabin) that they may have, for 3 or more receivers if they have no switch for the SuperDish available when the locals for your city comes out or the time you want the dish for HD to be installed.
Has anyone noticed that the 6000 deal, which ends Oct 31, and the superdish deal which starts Nov 1, are mutually exclusive with respect to the time frames, so we can't order both deals with the same call?

Now I am trying to figure out what this means it terms of limitations on combining or piggy-backing the two deals. Or am I just being a little paranoid? :rolleyes:

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