FS:811, 508 with 2nd UHF/Silver remote, SW64


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Sep 7, 2003
Dripping Springs, TX
OK, I've had it with Dish, I've gone over to the dark side (no not D* but Comcast!). I never thought that I would do it but the 811's OTA doesn't get our local CBS station, which is on channel 3 where my old 6000 did.

So here's what I have to sell:

Dish 811, purchased from Dish Depot for MSRP (yep $399) so there are no strings attached to it. It just got the 263 software downloaded to it today before I pulled the plug on it.

Dish PVR 508 with an extra silver UHF remote. Another one of those things I paid MSRP ($299) for since I was a DHP customer and at the time we were pond scum in Dish's eys (and Nicks).

A SW64 with power inserter, again something I paid MSRP for since I needed 61.5 for HD and it was before they started to dump some locals on it.

All this hardware is working fine (except for the same 811 issues everyone else is having) and in good condition and I still have the original boxes to ship it in.

Send me an e-mail at radgarbage@comcast.net with what you're willing to buy this for (plus whatever shipping comes to for whatever method you want to use). Payment via PayPal (I'm a verified member) or money order. I'll give folks until next Monday (12/29) and then I'll notifiy who's the lucky person (unless the top person says $10 for the 811, I'll use it as a door stop then). E-mail or PM me if you have any questions. Thanks - Rick