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Dec 14, 2003

I have a few dish receivers available.

1 2700/2800 Dish receiver with smart card and remote
1 2700/2800 Dish receiver with smart card and remote
1 3000 Dish receiver with smart card and remote

All receivers are in good condition. I believe they are clear of any balances, not 100% sure though. I can furnish #'s if you would like to inquire with Dish Network before purchasing.

Make me an offer for one or all. If I do not get any bites I will send them to Ebay. They seem to go for a decent price on Ebay? "shrug"

Email me


This is a classic hacker post fellas and should be removed from the forum. Posting card revision numbers is only useful to those stealing scumbags. As long as the card can be activated, no need to post the revision numbers. This post needs to go and the troll posting it needs to be banned.
I dont really know what rev's are for but it seems important as everyone on Ebay lists them. So I did the same. Anyways. Do you want to make an offer on these or are you posting for some other reason?

In all seriouslness, the only people who want to know the REV # are hackers. The REV #'s cross referenced to whether its a ROM2, ROM3, etc. Some can be easily modified.
Any honest person will probably ask for the R & S #'s (which are in the system info screen) so they can verify if there is a balance on the acct.
I know when I sold a brand new 3700 in the plastic, I had 4 people ask me what the REV was, even though the card was in the machine which was in the plastic. I told them "The REV is one that can be activated on Dish Network's system"
I sold off a 6000 on ebay, I do not care if it went to a hacker or not, it is up to Dish to protect their data stream. I hope they ship out the new cards and turn off the old ones soon.

Thanks for supplying the information about the rev. #'s. I was unaware this had any significance. Thanks for explaining it. Makes a lot more sense then some drolls post claiming I should be banned.
I agree with mike123abc, it is up to Dish to protect their data stream and consumers should not suffer by not selling their receiver getting some of their investment back.

I do see some people's points though in not wanting to support the hackers even more by selling these to those that do request this information.
I have no problem with someone selling their stuff but rev numbers are for nothing but hackers. If DWhite was so inoccent he would revise his post since he just became "enlightened" as the the significance of posting rev numbers. However, I see he hasnt revised anything.

Futhermore, I sent the mods a notification about this post and I do not understand why they havent at least modified it to omit the rev numbers. I guess I will go back to DBS forums and AVS forums where hacking crap is not tolerated. I cant believe its being tolerated here.

Its a shame since I have done some business with Dishstore because of this site. I thought they were a pretty decent bunch. They get no more of my business either.

Too da loo!
After your post I did make an edit to the listing. Now, you can take your self righteous attitude to the other boards as your job here is done.

oh and yes, Too da loo to you!

Believe it or not we dont read every message on the site.

Must be something with that Alabama air. You and someone else complaigned about the same thing, are from the same place, and even have the same avatar.

DishStore.NET is a advertiser of SatelliteGuys and has nothing to do with the operations, nor do they have editorial control.

I agree with the rest, Dish
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