FX or Spike HD anyone know why these aren't on the list (1 Viewer)


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Jun 15, 2006
Whats up with FX and Spike not being on the HD list.

FX has a bunch of HD content and Spike is getting more all the time. For me if we had these two channels I would be quite satisfied.


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Sep 28, 2007
One night at the end of the year, or early in January, Spike showed up on the 110 satellite. I was all excited to have a new channel. I watched a few shows on it and the next morning it was gone.

I'm guessing it's uplinked as a test channel and they accidentally turned it on?


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Mar 20, 2008
San Francisco
Gosh the same thing happen to me of curse it was not SPIKE TV who needs SPIKE I can not SPIKE it anyways(Oh by the way I am not suing DISH even thou their has been treads for Dish Customer to do this)

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