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Jun 19, 2007
I live in south Georgia, but my locals are from the Tallahassee, FL DMA.

The locals listing on the Dish site says this address is eligible for a GA statewide channel - WGTV (PBS) from Atlanta.

The channel doesn't show up in the guide. Do i need to call Dish, and have them turn this channel on for me? Is there an additional cost for this channel?

Would be nice to see one of my local high school football teams play for the Georgia state championship Saturday night.


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Jul 26, 2006
Miami, FL
It is available because you live in GA. It is ala cart and you can get it at the add programing section of the E* web site.

I live in jacksonville and receive channel 8 from waycross ga which is a WGTV relay station. Waycross is in the JAX DMA so it wgtv comes with the local channels..
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