German channels (610, 724-726, 901) gone?


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Feb 27, 2006
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Did Dish Network drop the German channels or move them to another satellite? I was flipping through the guide and those channels aren't listed in the guide anymore.

I have ViP622 pointed at 110, 118, 119, 129... and the channels aren't locked out either... I used to subscribe to the channels but was planning to resubscribe when they got some new content... but now I can't even see what's showing.

Anybody else out there able to see the German channels? ...or any subscribers hear anything about Dish dropping the channels?

(I checked the Dish website and it still has them... but then again they aren't known for having the most accurate info on the website)
Correct. A lot of the internationals are now hidden. However, Dish did have a lot, mostly Chinese, of channels on free preview the last few weeks including a new Russian channel and more.
Dish has their own combo 118.7/119 LNB that would work

118.7 is an oddball unit as its KU Band circular (11700-12200 MHz) whereas normal DBS is 12200-12750 circualr

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