Getting an 811 without getting the HD package. Anyone?


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Sep 9, 2003
San Jose, Ca.
Anyone thinking of getting an 811, but just to upconvert the SD channels? Then maybe getting the HD package at a later date.
No. I would never think of buying an 811 or 921 if I wasn't interested in HD. And if you have an HD display, I can't imagine getting a new HD STB just to upconvert SD to 1080 or 720. Even if you didn't want to spend the money on the HBO or Showtime package to get their HD channels, for $9.99 you can get Discovery HD, HDNet, HDNet Movies, ESPN, and perhaps the addition of another couple of HD channels in December. I can't imagine you having an HD set and not wanting at least some HD channels in addition to your OTA HD channels. Or am I missing the point of your question?
Actually, the sd pictures are better quality as sd pictures. The upconverted picture on my 6000 is not as good quality as the regular sd picture.
I use to think the 6000 did a terrible job on upconversion to 1080i that was until I had my HDTV ISF Calibrated.

Now SD upconvert looks very good (not HD good but a LOT better then it did before) :D
Still, you can use the OTA tuner to get in your locals so you don't have to pay extra for them. Plus those locals will be in HDTV, even down converted to S-Video or composite they still look pretty good.
You could still get the OTA channels if you have them in your area. I run a coax from my 501 in the other room and combine in with my OTA coax and assigned channel 3 as my 501 so I can upconvert all of my PVR'd stuff through the 6000. It looks about as good as any other channel upconverted by the 6000.
Ace said:
Anyone thinking of getting an 811, but just to upconvert the SD channels? Then maybe getting the HD package at a later date.

I am certainly thinking of this. As my set up is now, I have 5 separate
remote controls. One for the TV, for the satallite receiver, for the HDTV
receiver, the rotor and the VCR/DVD combo. Unfortunately, no one
remote control handles all of the features available on all of the boxes.
Moving from NTSC to ATSC or to satellite or to DVD requires several
manoeuvres on several remote controls. :x I get a glaring look from my
wife when she trys to use the sets.

Therefore, if I read the factory specs correctly, I can buy one box and
connect the other boxes to it. Then with everything under one roof, so
to speak, I will have only one remote control and my ratings will go up
with my wife. :D

Well, actually, two remote controls. I do not think I can hook up the dog's
shock collar to the 811.

Kindest Regards
I have 8 remotes. The TV, two sat receivers, dvd, vcr, TiVo, C-Band, and a Sony RM-VL900 univwersal(that I have not figured out how to get it to run all the other remotes features). Any one want to buy the Sony remote.
I am most definitely thinking of doing this. I am hoping for an 811 deal for existing subscribers that does NOT require signing up for the HD pack. Right now, there is not enough HD programming available that interests me. I am more interested in receiving my local OTA stations in digital/HD. Also, having OTA and SD satellite channels integrated into the same guide from the same box is very appealing. Then, if in the future, there is something of interest on satellite HD, I would subscribe to the HD pack.

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