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Aug 15, 2005
Hi All,its been a few years since I logged in here, with the Divorce and all happening but Im ready to jump back in.All I have left is an old Pansat 2500A(thank God she didnt take that!!) I would like to get an Invacom quad LNB,SG2100 motor and of course a dish but what size dish would you suggest?? And what about a 4x1 switch is it needed? Any installation techniques you can share would be appreciated. I cant wait to get started( it will take my mind off what the X "battle axe" did...LOL!!)
Lots of stuff on tv these days, both ku and c-band. If you want only ku, find yourself an old primestar dish somewhere that's sitting in a yard, abandoned and ask for it. Or you can buy a dish from one of the sponsors here, I think the shipping gets steep for anything over about 1m or so, you can call and find out before buying. You won't need a switch unless your using more than one lnb or dish.
welcome back

Keep the receiver.
But, this recent thread addresses most of your other questions.
For switch wiring, we have a Switches Simplified thread in the FAQ section, with a detailed hookup of that Invacom and a motor.
After going thru the FAQ,I went ahead and got a fix system first, a 35" dish and a standard LNB. Got it setup on a plumb and level pole and pointed the dish true south. The closest sat near my location (south) is AMC3 but the only sat I can get Q is G11/Ku with sig of 83/Q is 76. I dont want to move the dish any further since I plan to motorize it soon. So is this good enough to get started when I get a sg2100?? Thanks in advance.
sounds good:

If you're receiving TV, it doesn't get much better! - :up
Just make sure you have a clear view to the birds you'll be wanting.
And of course, make sure that pole won't sag under the added weight of the motor and the dish hanging off it.

Show us a picture if you like.
We might have more comments.
But otherwise, hang out and enjoy the forum and ask questions if you have trouble ! - :D
the 2500 is a great receiver. blind scan is slow as molasses in a Minnesota January but very thorough

(I have the 1500 which is the little brother)
Last fall I got a 2500a after not having one for a few years. I had forgotten over the years how slow the blind scan was. My Visionsat is my feedhunting box for good reason and the 2500a is a secondary box for regular channels.
While Im waiting for my Invacom Quad to arrive, do I need to update my Pansat 2500A??Firmware/software?,sorry its been a while.Thanks again for helping out.
The current version is probably a few years old and should still work fine. When I got my first one a few years ago it had the same bug (1 of 2 bugs I know of) the one I have now still has, it locks up if you select a HD channel that has been scaned in. Turn switch of and back on then delete the offending channel. The other bug on my old one was that the clock would always lose a few minutes a day but the clock works fine on the one I have now.
OK,got the Invacom quad and a sg2100 motor, got it all setup and now I lost G11/ku from my fix setup from last week. Work on it late yesterday afternoon with nothing to catch in the "arc".What could I be doing wrong? BTW if I start from G11 how do I find the rest of the SAT on the arc?? Thanks all!!
Here is my location long...87w and 30N for lat. My closest sat is amc 3 but couldnt catch it.My lat or motor elev. is the same as the lat., Dish elevation is @30 I quess
something is wrong here??? BTW at reference I can pick up G11/ku if I turn the LNB ccw about 12 deg, that sounds wrong,I thought that type of LNB doesnt require
Dish elevation is @30 I quess something is wrong here???
probably more like 25 for Dish Elevation
The location you listed is IN the Gulf, not on land.
Verify your exact location, like 30.3 north.
Can you list all your exact equip?
As for skew, not needed when aiming to a Sat straight South of you. On a motorized system, as the Dish turns, it also skews.
First, find AMC3 @ 87.
Remember you Must have an Active / Live Transponder selected in the Receiver's Setup Menu.
Thanks for the help LAK7. My Lat is 30.4 and Long 87.3.I got a sg2100 hook to a 35" dish along with my trusty Pansat 2500a. Spent a hour 2day trying to catch AMC3 by moving the whole motor to true south but its the elevation of the dish that Im having problems. If I move the dish 35 and above I would get something then my computer crashed (pansat is hook up to my TV card) Not a good day,so Ill work on it this wkend.
BTW I got that new Invacom quad LNB,kinda heavy,everytime I move the dish the arm sways.
TonyDTV, the Invacom Quad performs best on a dish with side-support struts. It is a VERY large and heavy beast. The weight can even cause it to sag out of optimal position with regard to the dish. I'm using a 3ABN Azure Shine dish for my quad, and it holds the LNBF adequately. The same dish is available from SatelliteAV, the GeoSat 90 CM.
Great idea, I think Ill do a little metal work and add support brackets.Hopefully it will help me align this dish,spent a few hours trying to find AMC3,no luck. Checked the basics,support straight and plumb etc.
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