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Jan 28, 2007
I have 3 HD tv's, and (D!sh) refuses to allow me to have two 622's and a 211. Is there any way around this? I kindly asked the CSR what dish was going to do in the coming future when more people are going to have mulitiple HDTV's? She told me that they will just have to purchase it outright. I laughed! This is killing me. Last week they told me I could, and today they told me I can't. Any help would be great.

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SatelliteGuys Guru
Jan 16, 2006
I agree...

I posed that exact argument to With more and more HDTV's it only makes sense for E* to accommodate that need with more leased receivers/DVR's.

The CSR's are just bobble-heads. Doing a pre-programed pitch.

In my email to ceo, I asked why they would want me to go on the open market and buy one, when they could get the lease fees.

3 days later a new 722 shows up.!
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Pub Member / Supporter
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Sep 5, 2005
Norris, TN
Yeah, just send the email to the above address. I have a 722, a 622 and a 322, all leased.


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Feb 9, 2005
Lousville, KY
Yes, make sure account number and phone number are included. They most likely will call you back and make the arrangements.


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Dec 13, 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
I'm leasing a 622 and a 722 so I emailed to see if they will lease me a 211 and this is what I got:

Thank you for the email.

Unfortunately, there is a limit of four leased tuners per DISH Network account. Since the 622 and 722 receivers are both leased dual-tuner receivers, any additional receivers would need to be purchased.

I replied back and told them that Charlie said in the Charlie Chat that this restriction was going away. So now I just wait for their reply to my reply. :)
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