GI 650I, MercuryII & C/KU Dish

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Sep 5, 2005
Endicott, NY
I'm trying to figure out how to hook up both KU and C-Band on the analog GI 650I with my setup. What I have currently setup id a BUD with C and KU band LNBs that are fed into a 4 port diseqc switch . The Diseqc is connected to the Mercury II. The Mercury II works fine for receiving both C and KU band. What I would like to do is hookup the GI 650I for both C & KU band but can't decide what the best way to hook it up. The 650i has separate inputs for C & KU so currently I have been swapping the feedthru off the Mercury II between the two inputs depending on what band I wanted analog.

Would it be OK to just use a splitter off the feedthru on the Mercury II and connect to both inputs on the 650I? The 650I has a bucch of different options for LNB type but I'm not sure what each of them means since I do not have a manual for it.
I have done this, and has the GI 650 hooked up to the output from the Mercury II (and it was hooked to the KU In on the 650)

I used the Fortec Mercury II to move the dish.

If you know what frequencies things are at its not to hard to find them on the 650, in fact you will be amazed at how good the analog video looks.
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