Got Pix of SuperDISH installed?


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Matt, I don't have pictures but I can tell you that mine bolted up very much like the 500 Dish. The mounting bracket has two bolts that tighten onto the pole. Of course it takes a bigger pole.

Mine was the metal dish and called for a 2" pole. We couldn't find a 2" pole on short notice and found that the mounting bracket could be spread to fit a 2 3/16" OD pole. We did need some longer bolts but that was no problem.

It was a tight fit. I don't think it would go much larger. I used a large screwdriver to spread the flanges. I can guarantee that the dish won't turn on the pole and since I used cement on the base I know the pole won't turn either.

As a further safeguard from turning, I put a long bolt through the bottom of the pole about a foot from the bottom.

Once on the pole, it didn't take long at all to zero the Dish in. At first it couldn't find any signal but we ran the switch test and then all went fine. You don't have to move it very much to get all three satillites.
I seen the metal phase one dish that goes on a 2" pole at the seminar I went to and I would think that the plastic/fiberglass dishes would be preferred because they would not ding and such like the metal dishes would.

Whatever happened to those multi-colored SuperDishes they were thinking of coming out with?
Also, I believe the plastic dishes are lighter. They are also a couple inches wider and would have even more wind resistance.

I would have been happy with either version. I wonder if the area you live in dictates which dish you get.
Yes, the area you live in will determine the dish that you get as they will use the same type of dish in that area.
Surely someone out there has pictures of an installed SuperDISH by now. If not, please take an overall shot and a mounting close up and post them. Thanks!
There are pictures of the Superdish installed somewhere here on the forum. The only shot I am waiting for is one of the rear of the dish.
Thanks ratz! Those were great pix and instructions from Scott. Hopefully we can get a shot of the rear of the dish soon.
I have the Digital Camera in my car, I will try to remember to take pics of the back of the Dish in the morning. :)

I took it home the other day and I didnt get a chance to do it (When I get out of work its dark out) :)

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